Good Evening,

I hope you have had a gratifying day. This evening’s mist is like a soft coat of wool, shrouding the little native frogs and crickets from sight, yet on the gentle western breeze they are chirping their special songs to welcome the dark hours.

Not a possibility of sparkling stars in this evening’s sky, the moon is now above the horizon to the North West, there is a muted glow, under the cloud cover.  No doubt the cornstalks are leaning in Her direction, as She waxes gibbous with the waters of fertility in the sign of the crab.

The bountiful paddocks are peaceful, bovine, doe and fawn settle in for the night. Whilst the furry crowned yearling bucks are apprehensive as their velvet antlers catch the moons light they keep watch, they are very vulnerable to being injured as their racks are high in sensitive soft membrane of water and blood and low in hard dry matter.

As the darkness dances around the moons light moving through the nocturnal portals, the stirring of hares, rabbits, wild dogs, wallabies, foxes, bats and owls clock on for the nightshift.

May you dream well, with thoughts from the farm on the hill.

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