Author: Astarté Earthwise

  • Thank You Damien Echols

    Thank You Damien Echols

    “I believe there are only two unstoppable forces in the universe. One is love, the other is intelligence. I also believe that a person’s capacity to love is directly related to their intelligence level, just as hate corresponds to a person’s level of ignorance. The only thing that makes it impossible for the system to…

  • Respect


    Respect. What has happened to this word, its morals and its energy? When white man first landed on these shores he had little respect…It seems that continues to grow in this continent, to a point where it’s become so dangerous, especially to women, the very lack of it. Respect does NOT have to be earnt,…

  • The Creative

    The Creative

    At no time loose sight of your creative footprints, feed your inner child’s desire of expression, unfurl your artists heart to the great work, fuel the spark that inspires the life of a divine nature. ~ © Astarté Earthwise. Work by Debra Bernier.

  • Putin’s New World. Why Did Russia Attack Ukraine?

    Putin’s New World. Why Did Russia Attack Ukraine?

    This article below from a Russian news agency was published and then deleted, an article prematurely praising Russia’s success in invading Ukraine. The headline reads “The arrival of Russia and a new world” A new world is being born before our eyes. Russia’s military operation in Ukraine has ushered in a new era – and…

  • Gold


    Deep Blessings from the heart of butterflies and moths I took this picture in Te Horo in New Zealand 3 years ago, isn’t Nature a true gift indeed, all that shimmers is gold 

  • Evening Approaches

    Evening Approaches

    Fairy wrens frolic in the shadows of the she oak (casuarina), as the apricot sun sinks behind blue hazy mountains in the distance, disappearing into the chalice of black waters in the western sky. I am thankful for such daily beauty and grace, standing on such ancient land, I feel at one with my surroundings,…

  • Cicada Song

    Cicada Song

    Tonight’s poetry dances through my mind, as the waning moon shifts light through gum leaves and branches, the chorus of sweet cicada sing to their beloved, I have broken earth and returned to my trees!

  • Australasian Figbird

    Australasian Figbird

    Everyday here I identify new birds, for such a birdlover its paradise, discovering more diversity here than anywhere I ever lived. I’m truly in bird heaven . Yesterdays discovery, the male Australasian Figbird. Sphecotheres vieillotiOriolidae As its name implies, the Australasian Figbird predominantly eats figs, although a wide variety of other fruits are eaten as…

  • October’s Sunrise Beltane Tide

    October’s Sunrise Beltane Tide

    Here in Australia, the spring Maiden and the young Lord of the Bush clumsily tumble from the windy and heady heights of the Eastern Hill they roll down the hill in a rush and surprise into the Beltane paddock now littered with spent wattle, callistemon, grevillea and soft rich grass. It is here they finally…