The Heart-Path

My special love speaks his native Bamoun language, he is from Africa, he also speaks, reads, and writes French, German, and English. At times we have extra communication problems, just in our daily exchanges with our language differences. Since knowing him, I realise especially how much clear communication really counts. I’ve truly discovered talking directly from my heart, is when we communicate best.  It can be scary as talking this way makes me vulnerable. I reflect on this and realise how much time I have wasted in this life not being truly authentic, being afraid to ask for what I truly needed, afraid that I was not good enough to have my needs met. Standing in my power in relationship is new to me. Did you know the deepest power is in our hearts. Some think it’s in their minds.

I’ve been headstrong, and heart weak. The Old Testament says the heart is considered the seat of life or strength. Hence, it means mind, soul, spirit, or one’s entire emotional nature and understanding. I’ve always operated for others through my heart, through compassion and empathy, just didn’t give myself what I gave others, how many of us operate this way?

“The heart sends powerful commands to our bodies and brains via neurological, hormonal, and electrical signals that not only keep us alive, but can direct our mood and emotions. In fact, the heart is the strongest source of our bio-electrical energy. It is 40-60% stronger than the electrical energy of the brain.” – Mo-mentum Fitness, Coach Judy.

So the next time you say, “I’m going to speak my mind” or “Can I tell you what’s on my mind” think about speaking your heart or saying what’s in your heart. This is what evolves us, this keeps us authentic, its like operating in life through a different gate on a different path, the heart-path. We hold the very potential to become divine, by excavating and consciously reconnecting to the divine spark that is already embedded in our heart-space.

© Astarté Earthwise

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