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“A witch who forgets the earth upon which she stands, stunts her own spirit.”

~~ Giles Watson


Last night I stood under the half half moon, feeling the equilibrium,

The torment that has had a grip of me…. surrendered.

My right hand reached out and patted a wild animal sitting on the railing of my deck,

This was a first.

As the sky lit  up with the constellation of the Bull,

I too felt the power of Nature.

The power of a witch to sit in both worlds.

The fur felt wonderful under my fingers.

To tame the wild nocturnal beast,

Was to tame my own inner dark beast.

© May 2015 Astarté Earthwise



When we can truly expand your circle of compassion to include all living things, we will lead others to also find peace; this is how we improve life on earth. What will you extend your compassion to enfold this day, week, month, year?

~~~ Astarte Earthwise


This beautiful bunny rabbit was my pet for 10 years, his name was Bahloo which is the Wiradjuri name for the Moon. His colouring remined me of the moon, and he had the sweetest nature, as many could vouch for.

Preparing for Winter Solstice


I went for a small ramble this afternoon with the intention of eventually going to the elderly old pine tree on this property.


I wanted to remove some pinion resin from its generous trunk for my midwinter observance, I was thankful to find just enough.


The scent filled my senses with all things of Yule inhaling it profoundly connected me to the deepest earth, to roots, dampness, darkness, family and the underworld.


Inhaling pinion is to me is a natural part of experiencing Winter, I have always associated pine with this time on the sacred round. I cannot wait to burn this at the Solstice and have Natures sweet perfume waft around my altar, honouring this time, the ancients, the bones, the flesh, the sinew, and the veins of rebirth.


I took a baby pine surrounded by its needles after a prayer to the beautiful tree for my altar.


My focus turned to the ground where I was grateful to find just one small cone that lay there not too far from my feet, I swept down to pick it up with both care and caution, as they can be so sharp. What a precious little cone for my offering to Pan.


These Nature takings connect me to my Scottish ancestry and the Caledonian forest of the British Isle.


Though less than one per cent of this original forest survives today in scattered remnants, maybe it has because of its names sake. The forest takes its name from the Romans who referred to Scotland as Caledonia, which derives from the early Celtic word ‘caleto’ which meant strong.


Here once again we stand at the strong and stable part of the round, in the Earth Quarter, as we await for the sun to be reborn.


Now I turn my direction towards this unique land and move on after stopping to greet some cows whose curiosity has drawn them in my direction. I now need some Australian Casuarina Pine to balance my altar offering, I desire pines from my past and my present, I wish to honour the ancestors of this land and this nation where I stand as well,  on the bend of the William’s river, and I walk towards a Casuarina and reach up high for just the right piece I give thanks and remove this small branch.


With pinion cupped in the palm of my right hand, a pine cone held carefully between my index finger and thumb, I also manage to put my other digits to use holding the pine needles from both trees. With a feeling of satisfaction I head for home.


On the journey I remember that my new friend Mario who is a hunter and taxidermist has sent me a couple of skulls that I hadn’t opened, that are the skulls of hares, one of these is for me, and I get excited knowing this will complete my altar offering here today.


When I return I find my beautiful hand carved pentacle, that a Piscean carpenter and High Priest called Brian made, I bought it from him when I lived in the USA over a decade ago now. I smile because the men that are both a part of this offering both earn a living working as carpenters, and here I am sharing my stories of trees.

This pentacle was made with such love and it once had an emerald placed in its centre, till my cockatiel bird was wandering on my altar one day and decided to eat it, and I watched in both horror and humour as the emerald disappeared into his beak, and was gone forever, he is a true gem!!


I’ve now put everything together on the pentacle and placed this on my altar for reflection and focus as the week ahead winds towards Mid Winter and the rebirth of the sun yet again, a time for celebration as the days will once again become longer though colder and I will have the time to once again tend to my gardens and restore the damage done.


Yuletide Blessings to all.

Bones, Stones & Fog

Just 12 days out from the longest night and the shortest day, Mid-Winter, Yule approaches.


Waves roll in of fog, faerie webs, and dew drops.


It’s the weaving time, before the sun is born again.


I just visited one of the lower paddocks since the Autumn Equinox Floods that came here twice this year, and found so many gifts, thank you Mother Nature.


I now have a bone garden full of herbs and scattered with bones that the floods never took from this land, where a mother cow lost her fight for life after the birth of her child, she still lays here in this place, born here, lived and died here like her ancestors before her.

I honour her, the land honours her and this is now a sacred place, her resting place where the silt from the rivers floor has now cemented her place and her bones securely in the land.


As the Mid-Winter approaches I focus on the bones and stones that sit here that hold this place and the memories of thousands of years.


The sun is trying to penetrate the land but the fog is winning this morning, patience before another day in winter’s deep hold.


Earth Forest Self Lighting Incense

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A perfect incense for the celebration of Yule the fire centered holiday, light it and experience the celebratory aspect of this earthy holiday that marks the return of the Sun.

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Sunday Morning Walking Words


Glistening webs suspended at thigh height by the weeds of paspalum swaying with the morning’s gentleness. illuminated by the mist and the droplets left by the vital principal of air, there you sit in your lovely web, that you’ve spun so handsomely under a new moon sky to await what you will devour for your dessert in the morning’s light before the sun breaks through the fog, and once again you disappear to slumber through another day.

I walk the road beside you following the leathery padded paws of the fox as she danced through the night leaving her vestige deep in the dirt. Her signature says once again, I was here but you did not see me, for I am the country road and paddock stalker in the shadows, for I am the gatherer under obsidian skies and I keep the company of owls and hares.

Daily Photographic Study of the Australian Native Top Notch Pigeon

If you are interested I am going to post photo’s daily to this blog page for the next 3 weeks from hatching to leaving the nest, feel free to share this amazing journey with me and the little baby pigeons.

Day 1

Discovery of the nest here in my garden on the farm


Day Two… Still cooking… in over 45 degree heat!


Day 3 …. Two weeks later after flooding rains and ex cyclonic winds, the delicate, intricate nest survives!


Day 4 …. The first hatchling. With pigeons they always are born a day apart, its sibling will be born tomorrow


Day 5 – The sibling hatches, and they cuddle up together


Day 6 – the 3rd day for the little babies, the first born is easily able to hold his head high, whilst the little girl will hopefully be a bit stronger tomorrow.

DSC00059 DSC00060

























January…you give so much, January….. you take so much.

It’s the month for feathers, all the birds are moulting now so you can pick up some real treasures, here is what I found this week in just a couple of days work of gathering, just around the house garden, I haven’t really had the time to venture further with my present workload.


Some years ago I made up a chart, here I will share it with you.

Australian Bush-Crafting with Astarte Earthwise


Feathers are both Mystical and Magickal, throughout history, feathers have served as spiritual symbols and talismans for shamans and priests, as symbols of royalty for kings and chiefs, symbols of healing, or symbols of sacred power for cultures as far back as ancient Egyptian, Asian or Celtic eras.

Feathers begin life as a tiny bud under the skin of a baby bird, and then they quickly unfurl and lengthen day by day as the young bird achieves enough strength to fly. By the time nature prompts the fledgling to leave the nest; these feathers are ready to create the lift needed to stay aloft, to protect the skin from extremes of weather, to enable flight.

Feathers have symbolic meanings, recognised by tribes and traditions worldwide. Feathers speak to us of flight, of the element of Air, freedom, of going beyond boundaries, of getting “above it all,” or of the need to let go and travel light.

The magickal qualities of feathers is determined by their colour mainly and often also from the species of bird. Next time you are out and about be aware of the feathers on your journey, as often there is a very clear message. Think of the character of the bird and how that is applicable in your life right now, meditate with that feather, and receive the message that was meant for you.

You can use feathers to decorate so many things, your wand, and musical instruments or just hang them off some pieces of wood, to bring the element of Air into your life.


Elemental Feather Colours



Red – Courage, Life, Good Fortune, Humanity Issues, Group Activities

Grey & White – Hope, Balance, Relationships, Love, Luxury, Romance

Black & White – Union, Communication, Siblings, Protection, Thinking & Intellect

Blue, White & Black – Change, Sexuality, Transformation, Death and Re-Birth



Orange – Success, Pioneering, Focus, Energy, Attraction, Speed

Yellow – Children, Creativity, Warmth, Intelligence, Blessings of the Sun

Brown & White – Happiness, Teaching, Higher Thinking, Spiritual Matters

Black & Purple – Deep Spirituality, Oneness, Bliss, Connection, Kundalini, Tantra, Magick



White – Spirituality, Institutions, Hope, Protection, Illusion, Purification, Peace, Blessings of the Moon,

Blue – Health, Psychic Awareness, Security, Counselling, Home & Family, Nurture

Black Feathers – Occult Studies, Disruption, Endowment, Rejection, Scrying, Divination

Grey – Peace, Illumination, Lunar, Consciousness, Feminine, Goddess, Fertility

Pink – Healing, Love, Compassion, Grace, Understanding, Empathy, Shamanism



Green – Work, Money, Fertility, Food, Sex, Strength, Patience, Practicality

Brown – Health, Service, Stability, Exercise, Organisation, Cleansing, Criticism

Red & Brown – Healing Animals, Kindness, Assistance, Neatness, Poetry

Green & Red – Finances, Career, Achievement, Steadfast, Durability


I hope that this guide will increase your connection to the elemental and sacredness of the humble yet powerful feather.

Copyright January 2004  © Astarte Earthwise this document must not be copied, re-written or in anyway reproduced either on paper or electronically without the author’s written consent and permission.