Another Book to Devour!

I was very excited when this book arrived – By Andrew D. Chumbley – THE LEAPER BETWEEN. An Historical Study of the Toad-Bone Amulet; Its Form, Function and Praxis in Popular Magic. Now I am very much on the lookout for a Toad Bone for myself, and frankly annoyed that I missed a perfect opportunity at the old house at Bolwarra Heights as I had the opportunity to get one then.

It seems lately it’s all about turtles as many are presenting themselves, and I have one now dying out under an old ghost gum, hidden under some bark sheds, it’s very pretty and will need polishing when the ants and flies have done their clean out.

Well sadly an unknown source took  the turtle I was drying out hidden under sheets of bark under a ghost gum in the drive, I am wondering what would have taken it, a crow, a fox or just what, a mystery that will never be solved I think. However I went for a walk down to one of the dams here on the 100 acre farm where I live and I found another dead turtle, though this one had been dead a while, so I bought it home and I’ve got it curing inside a bird cage, I am not losing this one!




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