Category: Plants

  • Hollyhock


    Like a soft lemon splash on an artist’s palette, You are painted on the summers bluest sky. You stand with royalty, regally with your majesty, Stretching skyward, reaching for the sun so high. You sway gently, back and forth on the breeze, Your large citron flowers, ever so soft, to the eye. Filled with fun,…

  • The Wattle King!

    The Wattle King!

    As the wheel turns….The beautiful Sun Lord, the Wattle King returns to the bush…the waxing forces are emerging on the land early this year…as the quickening has started, the sap is stirring….as we tread the compass towards Candlemass….the Wassail Bowl now empty, we are turning from the dark tide, celebrating the longer days and the…

  • Belladonna Amaryllis

    Belladonna Amaryllis

    South African Amaryllis is the only genus in the subtribe Amaryllidinae (tribe Amaryllideae). It is a small genus of flowering bulbs, with two species. … The common name “naked lady” comes from the plant’s pattern of flowering when the foliage has died. Limeburner’s Creek NSW Feb 2020

  • Morning Gift

    Morning Gift

    Native Callistemon – Bottlebrush – belonging to the Myrtaceae family. Morning light captures the beauty of the callistemon flower needles with dew drops. These flowers when added to water mildly sweeten the water, and are a lovely natural energy boost from Nature, good simple bush tucker. You can also simply suck on the flowers as well.…

  • Autumn’s Remembrance Capture

    Autumn’s Remembrance Capture

    Anzac Day rainstorm, weighs down opening African Daisy, a reflection on a day of sacrifice and service. Water holds deep emotion. We will remember them.

  • Opening Up

    Opening Up

    Nature teaches us the power and beauty of opening up, if we stay closed we cannot share our unique perfume with the world, we cannot attract the bees and other insects to pollinate our center. Nor can we experience the joy of letting go, and transforming from bud to seed. Thank you Goddess for this…

  • Friday’s Garden Capture

    Friday’s Garden Capture

    Out of your shell and eating again…. Snail munching on a Gazinia Flower….. Just like a very dear friend who has been very ill, candle lit, ancestors called in, magic done,  healing sent…and this afternoon they are feeling better and have had something to eat, and this girl is very much relieved, smiles at Her…

  • Water Hyacinth

    Water Hyacinth – Wild Pond Weed that Ive for many years it grows in Water. This one just keeps on producing the most beautiful flowers year after year, every Autumn, so fragile & Delicate.

  • Brilliance

    How can I not be moved, Gazing into your radiant face. Your petals hold the mystery to your deepest secrets, Your opening reflects my inner opening. You give so generously from your roots, What hides in the darkness nourishes. In the silence of the solitary, Together Mother our brilliance is born. ~ © Astarté Earthwise