Morning Gift


Native Callistemon – Bottlebrush – belonging to the Myrtaceae family.

Morning light captures the beauty of the callistemon flower needles with dew drops. These flowers when added to water mildly sweeten the water, and are a lovely natural energy boost from Nature, good simple bush tucker. You can also simply suck on the flowers as well. Commonly known as the bottlebrush plant as the flowers resemble the brushes used to clean out baby bottles and other bottles. These native shrubs come in a variety of colours and sizes and are closely related to paperbark melaleucas, which also have ‘bottlebrush’ shaped flower spikes. Often used throughout Australia as plantings on nature strips in suburban streetscapes as this plant is hardy, drought tolerant, and produces a wonderful show of flowers  in Summer and Autumn, so two shows of flowers a year. This is a species that also survives fire and puts out even a more vigorous growth, after fires and heavy pruning. A favourite with many gardeners

© Astarté Earthwise

Dedicated to a special Man who has bought much sweetness to my life 🙂



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