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  • Gold


    Deep Blessings from the heart of butterflies and moths I took this picture in Te Horo in New Zealand 3 years ago, isn’t Nature a true gift indeed, all that shimmers is gold 

  • Captured Today….Dragonfly

    Captured Today….Dragonfly

    In memory of the beautiful Gillian Jetson, the woman who rides the dragons, with deep love and fond smiles.

  • Samhain

    For those of us that observe the planetary moment of Samhain today, blessings to you, and a Happy New Year. At this Sabbat Feast of the Dead & Transformation we honor the Old Ones of this Land, still knowing, still growing, kin to us, for we are here. Here the Songlines and the Dreamings merge.…

  • Sugar Glider

        My happiest moments are those spent in Nature.  Always was, and always will be. There is nothing so invigorating for me to spend time with the wild and in the wild places. I have spent hours of my life connecting to the wildlife in all its forms, and learning the lesson of its…

  • Bee on Bush Basil

  • Honouring West as we approach the East on the Round

    As I walk to the west this evening, the sky is full of smoke from the burning off. I honour the place of West, power of the places between the worlds; I turn here to the sacred turtle, seeking passage into the depths of knowing. Thank you for the experiences that teach me deeper compassion…

  • Pelican Dreaming

    Pelican Dreaming

    To honour the balancing time of Water at the Autumn Equinox two Pelicans have taken refuge here for the last week here on the farm, moving between dams down beside the river.  Their arrival in this time of Water on the compass shows me across the divide also the opposite of all things in Air.…

  • Wintertime Reaping

    Wintertime Reaping

    We have experienced our rattling perennial August winds here at the farm for the last couple of weeks. At times it’s been difficult to be outside in it, especially as we have the William’s river all around us in almost a circle, it blows even harder. I am always looking for opportunities from Nature, and…

  • Bones, Stones & Fog

    Bones, Stones & Fog

    Just 12 days out from the longest night and the shortest day, Mid-Winter, Yule approaches. Waves roll in of fog, faerie webs, and dew drops. It’s the weaving time, before the sun is born again. I just visited one of the lower paddocks since the Autumn Equinox Floods that came here twice this year, and…