Pelican Dreaming


To honour the balancing time of Water at the Autumn Equinox two Pelicans have taken refuge here for the last week here on the farm, moving between dams down beside the river.  Their arrival in this time of Water on the compass shows me across the divide also the opposite of all things in Air. Often our best insights are taken across the wheel of the year rather than around and around were you can become dizzy with the same old same old. Because pelicans are both air and water creatures, there is an interesting symbolic-dynamic of thought and emotion. If the pelican flies into your awareness, it’s a good time to contemplate variables between your heart and mind. How often do we understand situations intellectually, but lack emotive understanding (or vice versa). The graceful swoop of the pelican as she over-fills her bill with water and spray reminds us to reconnect with our emotional sea and receive its sustenance. You too can dive impressively into deep waters to capture fish. This is symbolic of ourselves taking a bold nose-dive into our own emotional waters to seek value. This balancing time has been difficult for many of us, only now can we take the lessons of those emotions and thoughts and move forward on our journeys. Thank you Pelicans for both soaring and swimming into my life at this time.




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