Spring Equinox Blessings……The compass turns and warms……with Her arrival and each day She grows stronger and more vigorous….. His hooves dig a little deeper in to the red clay of this land….. At… Continue reading

The Key to Happiness

Don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.


When we truly listen to others it creates a beautiful holy silence. When we choose to listen to others with the generosity of our spirit only then, can they hear the truth in… Continue reading


This last decade I’ve walked away from a few friendships where I have witnesses people running others down, complaining, gossiping and being negative behind others backs. I realised lamentingly so, that they were… Continue reading


You inspire poetic thoughts, as you dance in the shadows of my needs; I capture glimpses of you on the periphery of my future.

My beloved

My beloved, your heart filled intimacy and spirituality offers me a joyous perfume that transcends my humble being ❤ © Astarté Earthwise

Two of Cups

With the patience of the mighty forest oak, The known calm silence before the storm. I await the exceptional of special moments. Feeling the tranquil stillness of predawn. As you turn your precious… Continue reading

The Power of the Heart

Soaring hand in hand, soul on soul, my heart is your home, Nature’s beauty, is both our canvas, and our stepping stone. Looking into each other’s eyes, sealing our fate with a passionate… Continue reading

Hecate’s womb awaits all

With love to all the abused ones, for we are kith…. We have to walk back into the darkness of the pain and the hurt child, hold them, love them, take all year… Continue reading