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October’s Sunrise Beltane Tide

Here in Australia, the spring Maiden and the young Lord of the Bush clumsily tumble from the windy and heady heights of the Eastern Hill they roll down the hill in a rush and surprise into the Beltane paddock now littered with spent wattle, callistemon, grevillea and soft rich grass.

It is here they finally give into their Beltane desires. With the sap rising strong in the bush, and the birds and the bees, chirping and buzzing, Beltane is a time of rich sexuality. The earth pulses beneath them and their union, the land is transformed, across the top end the rivers, creeks and waterfalls flow, they also are transformed, He is King and She becomes Queen.

Now together, transformed and powerful they dance in the footsteps of their ancestors across the rainbow serpent tracks of the dreaming. They are magnificent and terrifying all at once; this union is full of passion and creativity, joy and inspiration, as they sway and swirl over this red earthed sunburnt country.

Together we will dance and weave our way around the rainbow serpent, connected by ribbons, and we will build energy, we will focus on transformation for ourselves, and for our precious land to be free of the current drought. Though a fire festival, we will be using our inner fire due to fire restrictions at this time of year.

Beltaine Blessings from the Southern Hemisphere

Beltaine Blessings to you my readers it’s a beautiful day here, honouring this Holy Eve with you all, as the Jacaranda blooms amongst the gumtrees just outside my window…..

The beautiful Maiden and the young handsome Lord explore their country together, playfully and innocent, for the last time as they stand on the precipice of understanding, maturity and reason.

He weaves garlands of golden Wattle for Her hair, She wraps feathers in the dark curls of His hair and with Their laughter the eucalyptus trees sway, gum nuts flower and the native birds sing. They become more and more absorbed in each other, touch, scent, energy builds, until finally They give into Their desires at Beltane, the sun has moved into exactly 15 degrees of the sign of Scorpio of sexuality. (Which is 9.42am EST November 8th this year 2020 if you wish to work by the sky’s calendar)

His sacred seed is given and received, the Athame and Chalice unite, fertility abundantly sweeps and across the Northern part of the Land the rivers and waterfalls flow and the earth gladly receives the rain.

The earth pulses beneath Them and with Their union. Here they feel the scorpion shapeshift into the Eagle, he lays down his athame, and picks up his Fire Wand.

They are transformed.

She becomes Queen and He is King, and together They are at once both magnificent and terrifying. It is a joyous union, full of inspiration, creativity and passion and They cross this sunburnt land in a swirling dance, stirring the cyclones, and fanning the summer fires.

~ ©Astarté Earthwise



Birdsong peaking

Trees swaying

Resin flowing

Flowers blooming

Sap stirring

Bark falling

Snakes baking

Lizards crossing

Turtles laying

Leaves growing

Breeze blowing

Clothes peeling

Skin browning

Lovers embracing

Blood rising

Bodies divining

Juices flowing

Honey gathered

Seed ejaculated

Breaths mingled

Hearts opening

Nature reflecting

Joy feeling

Land holding

Hands exploring

Oils massaging

Beltane Blissing

© Astarté Earthwise

Beltane 2018


Beltane Blessings…..on this All Hallows Eve…

Beltane Blessings…..on this All Hallows Eve…

She is Sun Moon and Stars, woven into the dense fabric of His dark mantle; locked together in an eternal universal embrace, they dance the cosmos into all realities. She animates all creation; Mistress of the earth, the heavens and the mighty oceans, He is Creation in all its forms…. Together they dance all measure of your reality…
~~ Shani Oates

Wintertime Reaping


We have experienced our rattling perennial August winds here at the farm for the last couple of weeks. At times it’s been difficult to be outside in it, especially as we have the William’s river all around us in almost a circle, it blows even harder.


I am always looking for opportunities from Nature, and this annual blustery event is perfect for harvesting.

This morning on my walk, I bent to reap a basketful of naturally fallen leaves. I gathered up some red river gum leaves to use for smudging and smoking ceremonies.


I will go back later when time is available and gather the fallen branches also for wand making.

Part of the path of my spirituality is always being aware of what’s laying around on the ground near you.

Make time when you can to get outside take a walk and see what Nature has gifted you on the Wintery winds.

Now is the time to harvest your native smudging leaves for the year ahead, take advantage of this time!


Maybe start making some fire wands from fallen branches and take the time to be creative and gift them to like minded friends or people in you coven for Litha – Summer Solstice (Christmas gifts).

You could use Natures Calendar to start the work at Spring Equinox (when the sun moves into the sign of Libra), charge them at the cross quarter holy day Beltane (when the sun is at 15 degrees Scorpio) and gift them at Litha – Summer Solstice (when the sun moves into the sign of Capricorn).

In my tradition we use the Fire Wand in the North, our totem is the Rainbow Serpent. Maybe you could incorporate a Serpent into your wand!

Happy Harvesting!