Beltaine Blessings from the Southern Hemisphere

Beltaine Blessings to you my readers it’s a beautiful day here, honouring this Holy Eve with you all, as the Jacaranda blooms amongst the gumtrees just outside my window…..

The beautiful Maiden and the young handsome Lord explore their country together, playfully and innocent, for the last time as they stand on the precipice of understanding, maturity and reason.

He weaves garlands of golden Wattle for Her hair, She wraps feathers in the dark curls of His hair and with Their laughter the eucalyptus trees sway, gum nuts flower and the native birds sing. They become more and more absorbed in each other, touch, scent, energy builds, until finally They give into Their desires at Beltane, the sun has moved into exactly 15 degrees of the sign of Scorpio of sexuality. (Which is 9.42am EST November 8th this year 2020 if you wish to work by the sky’s calendar)

His sacred seed is given and received, the Athame and Chalice unite, fertility abundantly sweeps and across the Northern part of the Land the rivers and waterfalls flow and the earth gladly receives the rain.

The earth pulses beneath Them and with Their union. Here they feel the scorpion shapeshift into the Eagle, he lays down his athame, and picks up his Fire Wand.

They are transformed.

She becomes Queen and He is King, and together They are at once both magnificent and terrifying. It is a joyous union, full of inspiration, creativity and passion and They cross this sunburnt land in a swirling dance, stirring the cyclones, and fanning the summer fires.

~ ©Astarté Earthwise

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