Tag: Farm

  • Alive!


    Everything around you is fully alive, believe it. Tell stories to rocks and stones, sing to trees, start conversations with birds, whisper to the clouds. Build relationships. You’ll never be lonely again.

  • Gratitude

    I initiated my Tuesday by watering under the moonlight, attended by my feathered friends with the big clacking beaks, the kookaburras. They see so well and like me, they are the first ones around, way before sunrise. Their laughter keeps me company in the magick stillness before dawn, these in-between times are full of activity,…

  • Cows

    Gently peeling back the warmth and comfort of my doona, I sit up , shake my mane, bend down put socks on my feet and stumble towards the back door in the dark, the last slither of the waning moon has just risen over the horizon in the east, and I step into my gumboots…