Gently peeling back the warmth and comfort of my doona, I sit up , shake my mane, bend down put socks on my feet and stumble towards the back door in the dark, the last slither of the waning moon has just risen over the horizon in the east, and I step into my gumboots and another day on the farm. It’s been a restless night with a mother cow’s crying waking me up all night long. My empathic heart heads in the direction of her painful cries that end with a heartfelt sob, she is so very upset, I need to find her baby……..

The sun casts its first shadows as I head up the hill from the river, wow it’s taken me so much time to reunite this pair that the sun has caught my back, I’m pretty exhausted already and I gather some of the sun’s energy, say a prayer to the energy of Uri to bathe me in strength to get to the top of the hill.

I get to my desk, my partner is awake and says, “What the hell was all that commotion” I smile and tell him it was just a mother desperate to be reunited with her child.

I’ve been up and down through a herd of cows all with new babies in the dark, that I’ve only known a few months, to a lower paddock with the new bull, where I started a stampede.

I’ve been trapped and penned in by an over affectionate very large cow, who I consoled when her baby died 3 weeks ago, now she wants to play rough with me, and head-butts me with affection which nearly throws me to the ground. I’m a little scared as she is getting rougher, and I see another cow and calf approaching, I think, now I’m in double trouble, I look up to see its Nellie and Andy, and she steps in front of this cow and gives me safe passage, I’m touched, and I thank her for stepping in.

I’ve walked a few miles this morning!. Its 6.20 am and now my job starts I’m over 2 hours behind before my day starts…..bloody cows!

Here is a photo I took of Andy on Sunday, he was exactly a week old

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