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The Heart-Path

My special love speaks his native Bamoun language, he is from Africa, he also speaks, reads, and writes French, German, and English. At times we have extra communication problems, just in our daily exchanges with our language differences. Since knowing him, I realise especially how much clear communication really counts. I’ve truly discovered talking directly from my heart, is when we communicate best.  It can be scary as talking this way makes me vulnerable. I reflect on this and realise how much time I have wasted in this life not being truly authentic, being afraid to ask for what I truly needed, afraid that I was not good enough to have my needs met. Standing in my power in relationship is new to me. Did you know the deepest power is in our hearts. Some think it’s in their minds.

I’ve been headstrong, and heart weak. The Old Testament says the heart is considered the seat of life or strength. Hence, it means mind, soul, spirit, or one’s entire emotional nature and understanding. I’ve always operated for others through my heart, through compassion and empathy, just didn’t give myself what I gave others, how many of us operate this way?

“The heart sends powerful commands to our bodies and brains via neurological, hormonal, and electrical signals that not only keep us alive, but can direct our mood and emotions. In fact, the heart is the strongest source of our bio-electrical energy. It is 40-60% stronger than the electrical energy of the brain.” – Mo-mentum Fitness, Coach Judy.

So the next time you say, “I’m going to speak my mind” or “Can I tell you what’s on my mind” think about speaking your heart or saying what’s in your heart. This is what evolves us, this keeps us authentic, its like operating in life through a different gate on a different path, the heart-path. We hold the very potential to become divine, by excavating and consciously reconnecting to the divine spark that is already embedded in our heart-space.

© Astarté Earthwise


You felt abandoned the moment you were separated from the Creator, the Source, Light Energy, your form of God or Goddess. The moment you were born, this wound was open, the pain began of your abandonment, despite what you have experienced and lived through.

Your task on Earth is to heal this original wound, by returning to that “Energy” that released you… Find your way home, Your heart knows the way ❤

Opening Up


Nature teaches us the power and beauty of opening up, if we stay closed we cannot share our unique perfume with the world, we cannot attract the bees and other insects to pollinate our center. Nor can we experience the joy of letting go, and transforming from bud to seed. Thank you Goddess for this beautiful teaching place here on earth with your gifts that surround us in lessons for life. Today I am so grateful for the lessons from a beautiful red rose, and the exhilarating scent that opens my heart. Deep happiness on your day  


An Apple for my Teacher


Covered in the thorns of disease of your own mind, even when the richest of rose petals where placed at your feet, their perfume wrapped its luxury around your heart. You felt my love, my truth, my beauty, you held my grace, whilst you fashioned for me a crown of thorns, and hung it over my already bleeding heart.

I bought droplets of honey to soothe your soul, fruits of friendship, and was stung by a thousand bees.

I planted seeds of devotion in the garden of your heart; your thoughts grew the weeds that you choke on today.

I built you a strong shelter from your own misery and wound of betrayal, and as powerful as a tornado your will to deceive me, swept through spinning out of nothingness and scattering me like dust.

I tasted your bitterness, whilst you stood on your moth eaten mantel of stars.

You are in deep waters now of life’s blazing fire, I no longer will fan your flames; listening to the sound of the waves inside you.

Put your thoughts to sleep, they are your delusion born of your shadows; remember your darkness is your candle.

Try untying your own knots of wrath, before executing others with your slanderous noose.

The drama you run from is in the threads of your own skirt, it runs with you as the threads of the tapestry you weave.

Hem up the lies; silence the jealousies, stitch in the compassion that you now trip over.

Step upward, all powerful, knowing that what hurts you indeed blesses you.

Service untainted with power over another, is the truth to Her mysteries.

Walking in wisdom cannot be taught, you will know truth through the eye of your heart.


© Astarté Earthwise




Every part of this Land is sacred to the people I hold close to my heart,

Every single gum leaf, coastal cliff, mountain valley, and desert,

Every vapour of eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree and fire.

Every taste of mountain devil and callistemon on my lips sweet desire.

Every single gum tree carries the memories of the ancestors of this land,

Every blood spill, every fear is what I now have on my hands.

For everyone,

Is one.

© Astarté Earthwise 2011