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A young arabic man I share philosophy with into the wee hours via phone for over a year now, texted me this morning to ask me what I was doing, I replied “Today I am romancing a new beautiful limited edition book from Canada…How I long to lay in tall field grasses, on a rug, with a beloved, sharing verses and divining our very souls.”

( the book is Aurore By Gabriel McCaughry)

He then said “sounds intimate?” To which I replied “I thrive on intimacy”

He asked “What kind of a connection?” I replied “Every level”

He said “True Intimacy” “What are a few qualities you put in that?” I answered with thoughtfulness “Vulnerability, truth, love, beauty, and my submission.”

He replied “Love is varied and so is beauty, but I get the others. I like them also”

I responded “that is why I share my intimate self with you, over the phone, even though we have never met, and I don’t even know what you look like.”

He then said “I think our minds are undefinable”



It’s more important than ever to balance your inner Nature, your inner metal, and to have intimacy with all your emotions.

As the planet’s stability and structure shifts and we are experiencing the Field at its most potent and powerful, we need to counter balance by harnessing our most potent selves to deal with these changes, the months ahead will be testing, the answers are within…

Breathe deeply, ‘connection’ is a most powerful philosophy, and go within daily for the whole of the known and the unknown universe, for the visible and the invisible, the manifest and the yet un-manifest You and Humanity.

Make offerings, meditate, do trance work, ask for what you need, and what is needed.

Keep it Simple.