A young arabic man I share philosophy with into the wee hours via phone for over a year now, texted me this morning to ask me what I was doing, I replied “Today I am romancing a new beautiful limited edition book from Canada…How I long to lay in tall field grasses, on a rug, with a beloved, sharing verses and divining our very souls.”

( the book is Aurore By Gabriel McCaughry)

He then said “sounds intimate?” To which I replied “I thrive on intimacy”

He asked “What kind of a connection?” I replied “Every level”

He said “True Intimacy” “What are a few qualities you put in that?” I answered with thoughtfulness “Vulnerability, truth, love, beauty, and my submission.”

He replied “Love is varied and so is beauty, but I get the others. I like them also”

I responded “that is why I share my intimate self with you, over the phone, even though we have never met, and I don’t even know what you look like.”

He then said “I think our minds are undefinable”


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