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Holy Summons

Let go….release…shed…surrender…its time to cross the threshold…the holy summons…separating…stepping into the Elder…stepping forward… towards… severing from old ways and states of being…separating from crisis…open to the opportunity…feel it in the belly…your soul is longing to grow…leave behind the worn out ways…your heart is expanding…you don’t have to remain stuck in the land of the hunters and the hunted…breathe yourself up to your fullest height…step into your shoes of confident compassion…step forward into the unknown…the magic…the blue flame…even when terrified…ask yourself… what is it we’re being asked to separate from… What shapes do you need to leave behind…immortal being…embrace your enlightened journey…your ladder awaits…eternal one…stepping up…

— © Astarté Earthwise 20 January2023



Nothing could have prepared me for the surprise of Your presence in my life. How very beautiful it is to be held in Your strength with such love and care. You soar my soul to places it only ever dreamed of as you push me to be better each day. i am nurtured and strengthened to new heights each day by both Your magic and Your resolve. i surrender to my unfolding, before you My Lord, i light the candle betwist Your horns as you roam the valleys and hills of my Nature, we journey into the folds of unknown, into the darkness, the crevices, the pain and delight. A tear falls, i cry out, You hold out Your hand and catch my tear, and draw me closer to You. Your breath hot on my neck amongst the red curls falling down, my petals unfold, white, pink, and then scarlet, my scent released in this time of the rutting, dare you tame this wild woman with your blackened hide?


Pulling out weeds, gathering the last of the harvest, digging in the vegetable and herb gardens, cutting out what is no longer needed there and in myself…detoxing, taking time to be alone, to be centred, to consider this upcoming descent into the underworld as the cycle continues, to the void, within and without.

The calling is louder, the spirits and the ancestors ever so closer, as my bones dig in deep to the earth the connection is so very deep, so very grounded.

As I approach the peripheral of my second Saturn return, ever mindful of the greatness of this time, if used to discipline one’s self it can be hugely rewarding. I am not fighting against Saturn’s energy but asking him to step right on in and assist me to get on track.

As I harvest the fennel I cut back what is now in seed, yet at the base the new growth emerges, reminding me that what Saturn takes away allows for the new growth, and I am open and willing for his lessons.

Its time again to stand before Hekate the primal source, at the veiled crossroads and she hands out the destiny key, I bow my head in submission with the deepest respect as the love for her swells in my heart, I offer myself, I surrender once again, to the divine will.

~  © Astarté Earthwise