Nothing could have prepared me for the surprise of Your presence in my life. How very beautiful it is to be held in Your strength with such love and care. You soar my soul to places it only ever dreamed of as you push me to be better each day. i am nurtured and strengthened to new heights each day by both Your magic and Your resolve. i surrender to my unfolding, before you My Lord, i light the candle betwist Your horns as you roam the valleys and hills of my Nature, we journey into the folds of unknown, into the darkness, the crevices, the pain and delight. A tear falls, i cry out, You hold out Your hand and catch my tear, and draw me closer to You. Your breath hot on my neck amongst the red curls falling down, my petals unfold, white, pink, and then scarlet, my scent released in this time of the rutting, dare you tame this wild woman with your blackened hide?

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