Today’s Forage in the Vegetable Patch


With the Christmas rush of shopping and getting all the parcels out in time from the orders in my eBay Store, time has been very limited. I haven’t had the time I need and also desire to get my hands in the soil and investigate whats happening, I get feeling guilty leaving the vegetable patch rather neglected, and the weeding is going to also be a big job, and is already out of control, yet again!

It’s bitter sweet, as now becomes the busy time for me, for some reason Pagans tend to do most of their shopping in January and February, they are always my busiest months, more so than December. So it great getting the sales, but it also drags me away from my love and passion of my gardens.


We have had plenty of rain and after fertilizing with chicken manure in all the top paddocks, its so lush and lovely, when its like this I roll around in the grass with my dog Boofie, we have a lot of fun, its so thick and comforting.

Talking of bitter sweet, I haven’t got around to making names on all my herbs yet and this morning, I saw a herb there and pondered on what it was, so I took a leaf and tasted it!, wow that Stevia sure packs a sweet punch, the leaves are amazing what a sugar hit that was!

The Lebanese Eggplants are my first harvest today they look so lovely and smell delicious. We have an over abundance of tomatoes, so its sauce time for sure, with last weekends garlic harvest and the Basil doing well, I’m thinking something rather Italian.

And with so many cucumbers I think I’ll do a salad of them in coconut milk, as I enjoy that combination, so much food for thought today!




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