The shadows of the morning mist, beckon me outside. I leave my desk and follow the mornings call.

The softness of the rolling, falling mist meets my skin, refreshing, invigorating, I breathe it in deeply.

A magpies call, a crow’s cry, a calf bleating for its mother lost in the fog, wings of a kookaburra flapping near me.
Music to my morning ears.

Here I stand in the shadows of early morning, as the sacred round gently turns, heading to winter, moving away from the sun, a sense of peace journeys to my soul.

This time of year is so needed, the slowing down, the shadows that we explore, within and without.

A knowing, a deeper connection to those close in the shadows, that have gone beyond the veil, they draw closer as does Samhain.

We stand here on the wheel, the constellation of Taurus above us, between water and earth in the mud that holds us, nurtures us and brings us forth from the shadows what is needed right now.

Prayer rides on my lips to those departed, those struggling in the shadows between the veils of this life and the next, the scent of Pluto’s Death is in the air.

The leaves and some thoughts turn, they fall, they decompose to give nourishment to the earth that sustains us.

I stop in this moment and give thanks, all is unfolding as it should, more light permeates my mind and the shadows around me.

The webs spun through the night leave their silken presence on my skin as I return through the orchard and head back to my desk for the day ahead.

May your Wednesday hold you in this moment, of being and breathing for as long as you need it.

Much joy from my heart to yours today, in the shadows, and the mud of the year.

Wise & Blessed Be xXx







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