I love and Miss the man who became my dad

It’s before dawn, the moon is waning in Sagittarius, its light is illuminating the paddocks around me as the tears flow down my cheeks, I miss you so much Dad.

Today marks 6 months on the calendar, since the cancer won, and stole you from us too soon. I remember thinking when you died it was so appropriate that you leave us on the 29th, Hecate’s Day.


Now this day is extra special to me as the months on the calendar peel away. I feel you around, not that often, but when I do its very strong and comforting.

When I really need that connection I jump into your redback boots even though they are too big and I walk around the farm, silly maybe but I feel closer to you when I do that.


Life has been more difficult without you, and I miss your wise counsel, your laugh, our talks on the mysteries and your deep serenity.

Send us your courage and strength to keep us going, cause although they say time heals, some days are just so very hard. There is such a special place in my heart that you filled, I miss you so much Dad, the father of my heart xXx