Ancient serpent, Goddess of fire,

Fullness, dreaming tracks, forward moving.

Compassion, love and transformation,

You are deeply in me fanning my fires.

Seeing that things change for the best,

You burn and singe and destroy.

Yet you give life and renewal once again,

Your flames surround me.

I fall into their soft warmth,

Your warmth Amaterasu.

And in my letting go and my breathing out,

I pour forth the out dated.

Seeping out through the pores of my being,

Goddess Pele is working through my veins.

Keeping the flow happening,

Keeping the cycle moving.

Death, despair, resurrection, renewal,

Held in the arms of the gentle mother.

Surrounded by her fires of love,

And her tears of heartfelt compassion.

I ride the two headed dreamtime serpent,

Across the valleys, up the mountains.

To the depths of the ocean floor and beyond,

As the scales peel back, and are left behind.

I too leave behind my old skin,

I bow to the Sun goddess at the peak of her fullness.

I breathe in the fire of Her wisdom,

I knowingly journey safely ahead.

Forward I move as the peak has now passed,

Light dwindles, days shorten.

I am at peace, the pace is slowing,

The fire is burning in my heart and in my hearth.

The smoke dances with the winds and the trees,

The flame is a glow, burning brightly.

Within me and without me,

I am full and I am empty.

The paradox is the mystery,

I embrace it, and ride my initiation.

~~ © Astarté Earthwise.  April 2015




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