Deepening in the Golden Air


Clouds can bring you darkness,

Preclude the light you prefer to live in.

As do human beings, events or bruxism,

Know your generous, strong, and courageous heart.

Will always triumph at the final point,

The deeper you profoundly dig.

Into the existence you want to live,

The more quickly the clouds disappear.

As once more the sun emits light again, in your world,

Your heart opens, embracing the Goddess Hathor.

Knowing her love and wisdom begins the deepening,

And once a month when there is no light.

The mysteries are much more brilliant,

The vase of compassion is ours to drink deeper.

Kuan Yin teaches there is nothing required,

Between you and the Divine.

Simply a knowing of your spiritual being,

And the acquisition of releasing others.

© May 2015 Astarté Earthwise




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