My magic operates from depth and simplicity. I have been shown there really is an abyss of light in the simplest faith, belief and love. Often lost on the intellectuals, perhaps the simplest and most popular truths are also the deepest.
~~ Astarté



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3 responses to “Magic”

  1. CazWytch *Aussie Witch & Occultist* Avatar

    Hi Astarte,
    I agree with you that the simplest practices of the craft are often the best. I sometimes get too “intellectual” about it all reading heavy occult tomes writing all sorts of fancy incantations and sigils etc. but often it’s great to get back to basics.
    Which synchronicity has made me realise tonight. As nearly every blog that I’ve read so far tonight basically has the same message.
    I haven’t studied the basic elements for years but I realise that they are the true “old ones”.
    BTW I originally bought quite a few things from your EBay shop years ago & you know all of them are still in really good condition even my cauldron. Which is amazing considering I’ve used it so many times now.
    Blessed Be,
    CazWytch ⭐️💖🌙


    1. aearthwise Avatar

      Greetings Caz, thank you for your kind reply. I found this writing on my facebook memories, one I thought was worth sharing on my blog, and today our tribe gathered and we too were saying much the same thing 🙂 Glad the products are staying true for you, nice to hear from you 🙂

      Wise & Blessed Be

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  2. CazWytch *Aussie Witch & Occultist* Avatar

    Thanks Astarte,😀
    Blessed Be to you too,


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