60,000 years ago the inhabitants of this land were just sitting here, living in the moment. What a deep spirituality these people had, a wonderful sense of community, and a connection to all living things.

Today our world is full of cynicism, judgement, greed, and a need to dwell on the past and want to know the future…

Today in this country, in this moment, I acknowledge National Sorry Day, in this moment I am deeply sorry for all that has been lost and taken away. I am deeply sorry for the grief caused by our ignorance, I am deeply sorry that this land and its teachings have been lost by so many.

Today I know it is in this moment, that the magic of restoration of the teachings of this land are re-starting the healing process, may the healing of this moment, reach all inhabitants of this sacred land.

Once again we can find the joy and the deepest spirituality of living in the moment, the deeper sense of community and the sacred connection to all living things.

© Astarté Earthwise



One response to “Sorry”

  1. CazWytch *Aussie Witch & Occultist* Avatar

    I totally agree that we should be sorry for what our ancestors did to the indigenous people of Australia.
    I used to work with juvenile offenders many of whom unfortunately were aboriginal. They made up a third of the entire juvenile offenders population. This is far too high and it’s dreadful.
    There are far too many Aboriginal adolescents that have been damaged by society, alcohol, drug abuse, crime etc. none of which is their fault they are in fact victims themselves.
    Sometimes it used to break my heart to see the same teenage boys being locked up yet again just after they had recently been released from our Maximum Security Unit.
    Juvenile Justice does its best to rehabilitate them but sometimes it all just gets too hard for them and white society really doesn’t do enough to support them.
    Then tragically they relapse into criminal behaviours and mixing with the wrong people.
    It saddens me intensely what has happened to Aboriginal people very much.
    So I say “Sorry” too for what was done to their people by ignorant White Settlers in early Australia’s history!!!
    Blessings to all Aboriginal People,


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