My Dad’s Indigenous Glass Mosaics

DSC01908I put this together this week, this Video is dedicated with love to my Step Dad Nick Spitzmacher, the artist of these beautiful mosaics. This is one of his later creations, before he left this planet in 2013. Nick was a refugee to this country from the Ukraine, he loved this place and its teachings, I miss you deeply Dad xXx






One response to “My Dad’s Indigenous Glass Mosaics”

  1. chloeopal Avatar

    Hi Astarte,
    What a beautyfull creation! Each piece of glass laid with intention, from a space of seeing the luminescence of indigenous story and depicting its magic glow. I wonder how the glass is made, some pieces are like round coloured pebbles with veins and marbling, others sharper. Your video is a lovely honouring of your Dads visions, skill and eye to detail, he would be proud to have it seen alongside your own work…
    Thanks for sharing it…


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