Mr Content

Holding me beautifully

When my happy days turned

To the darkest black obsidian

Cut and bleeding from the deepest of pain

The sisters of fate washed up on my shore

And hungrily stole away with them

My partner, my best friend and our 3 children

All five of you now lost and gone forever

Into the shadowy depths

Of the ocean of my greatest grief

I could hardly breathe

The waves of emotion picked me up

And threw me

To its very brooding depths

Battering me

Beyond anything I had ever known

I was left like an abandoned shipwreck

With nothing but barnacled memories

Of hopes, and dreams that once were

The faded birthday flowers

The baby’s much loved dummy

Kept in that velvet lined box

Each time opened

My heart broke again

And the salty tears flowed

Yet you held me

In the intimacy of my feelings

You encouraged me, to keep living

When I clutched for the abyss of nothingness

And stared longingly into the void

You shared, your darkest moments

Your words reeled me back from the edge

And now, its nine years on

I reach out once more, I need you

I want to make love to you for the first time ever

Show you more than my words on a page

Thoughts of you have swirled in the recesses of my mind

Of a time, a moment, stolen kisses and caresses

For too long, now is our time

Today you are holding me again

Whilst I write here

The tears and words flow freely again

As they always do

Yet through the years and today’s tears

I find my way back to you

Twists of fate lead the way

I swim into the safety of your arms

Wrapped in your soft caresses

You know my deepest secrets

Your heart and my heart

Understand like no other

I will be your secret love

Our bodies finally entwined

We will dance in the dark

Lips sealed in infinite secrecy

I will dance your slow dance

Our music will flow, like the musicians of old

I will play your body like a fine instrument

I will nurture and hold your precious heart

Whispering love poetry into your very soul

From dusk till dawn, till this spell is broken

~  © Astarté Earthwise

2 thoughts on “Mr Content”

  1. OMG so very touching………bought tears to my eyes……
    Your way of expressing yourself is exquisite. Thank you for sharing from the very depths of your Soul 💞🌹

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