Faded Memories of the place by the river

What a brilliantly stunning day, the colours fill my palette of senses as I breathe in the rotting of summer, with the dampness of rain, isn’t it wonderful to be alive!

The greens look darker today, the sun has not stepped forward , all is still. Birdsong, distant rainbow, muffled cow calls; fill my morning eyes and ears. Under the citrus grove my senses are exhilarated as I reach up to pick oranges & mandarins, the scented essence fills my mind contently, as I tuck them into my right arm till I cannot fit anymore. I walk towards the paddock beside the house, She spots me, Louise is her name and she makes a pregnant swagger towards me as bubbles form on her lips with anticipation, she has spotted the orange coloured balls tucked in my arm, I hang over the paddock gate, she welcomes me with a huge warm tongue on my cheek and nudges her nose hungrily into my arm, I giggle with delight and feed her, she is special to me and my heart. I talk with her about the baby growing within with excitement. Her last baby, her first, died about 12 hours after it was born, that is when our friendship developed and deepened in our mutual grief, she got lots of love affection and touch from me through that time, and she remembers. I will miss her deeply when I leave here. All the holes in my t-shirts will remind me of the many times I got caught on the barbed wire leaning over to share a cuddle.

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