Category: Animal Totems

  • Jake Stratton Kent

    Jake Stratton Kent

    Under the waning crescent you took the underworld path following the leathery padded paws of the fox as she danced through the night leaving her vestige deep in the dirt. Her signature says once again, I was here but you did not see me, for I am the country road and paddock stalker in the…

  • Gold


    Deep Blessings from the heart of butterflies and moths I took this picture in Te Horo in New Zealand 3 years ago, isn’t Nature a true gift indeed, all that shimmers is gold 

  • Australasian Figbird

    Australasian Figbird

    Everyday here I identify new birds, for such a birdlover its paradise, discovering more diversity here than anywhere I ever lived. I’m truly in bird heaven . Yesterdays discovery, the male Australasian Figbird. Sphecotheres vieillotiOriolidae As its name implies, the Australasian Figbird predominantly eats figs, although a wide variety of other fruits are eaten as…

  • Viridis Lux Mundi

    Viridis Lux Mundi

    The Green Fire “Remember the Love. Green fire is the sign of the new body our love engenders in a bed of dawn. Green fire licks all pride from the skull soaks each trembling cell with heaven” ~ Rumi “We reached the old wolf in time to watch a fierce green fire dying in her…

  • Dawn Light Deer

    Dawn Light Deer

    Just as cobwebs roll back and the sun rises nigh, And dawns light can be seen in the eastern sky. From her forest home comes carefully and shy, The deer with her herd held proudly so high.

  • The Farmer

    The Farmer

    Have you ever had the misfortune and the grief of watching someone die of cancer? You stand by knowing there is nothing you can do, except watch as they waste away in front of your very eyes. You lend your support you give all the love in your heart to no avail, and you lose…

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius 2018

    Full Moon in Sagittarius 2018

    As we approach the full moon which is full at 12.21am in Sagittarius in the morning, my day has been full of parrots and their sounds, the talkers of the bush. They are the full moon totem I will be working with this month, as they are who have showed up for me, birds are…

  • Kookaburra Dreaming

    Kookaburra Dreaming

    A Series of photos taken this morning here at the farm of a Female Laughing Kookaburra. I noticed that she appears to have quite yellowed feet. I feed a family of 7 Kookaburras here every day, I feed them grated mozzarella cheese and they love it, it’s also very good for their bones and feather…

  • Captured Today….Dragonfly

    Captured Today….Dragonfly

    In memory of the beautiful Gillian Jetson, the woman who rides the dragons, with deep love and fond smiles.