Magpies Song To You

The softest hidden places within my heart,

Reach out to hold your precious face in my hands.

Constellations of fire birthed us through much pain,

And now dearest lover here we are united again.

White upon white, freckle upon freckle, red upon red,

Lips upon lips, gaze upon gaze, hips upon hips.

Intuition and the stars aligned to lead me to you,

A moment, a chance, simple passions and pleasures.

Birds chirping, guitar strings, poetry of songs and Nature,

Wrap me in the strong circle of your arms, take me.

Together, hidden, we travel to the heights of ecstasy,

I devote myself to your pleasure, I give myself to you.

Sing brave warrior sing, now you must lay your sword to rest,

Now a gentle warrior, come lay with me, in my curves of softness.

Wrap yourself in my hair and return your soul to gentleness,

Kissing you softly, kissing you hard, pulses rising, beating fast.

Gentle warrior your time has come another initiation has just begun.

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