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Spring Tension

Stretched…taught…your drought tangible

I can feel your dust…your parched lips

Your dirt cracks…they open…hungrily

Your wattle shined…but not for long

Gumnuts flowered….then stripped away

By the beaks of cockatoo… and galah

Stealing your honey… greedily, intoxicated

Screeching delight… at your dessert offerings

As your trees sway… and dance…they too… long

For just a drop of moisture…leaves dull, turning inward

Ever so patient…for a cloud…to come this way

Spit on us you sky gods…bring life back to our Sophia

Our Mother…our provider…and our home in the stars.

Bring Her…your Waters…your life giving waters

Once more unite….embrace, and devour each other

Like Hungry lovers…the cycle is returned

The Earth is abated…released…tension gone

Relaxed… taking in the liquid… to her Roots

Earth… and Water ….you are one….time to rest.

~ © Astarté Earthwise

And the sun sets on a sunburnt country


Today the state I live in in New South Wales Australia, broke all records kept on file for the hottest day ever, today it reached over 45 degrees in many parts.

Smoke was all around us in the distant hills


And as the sun sets on a very sunburnt country the hot wind are lashing us and stirring up the more than a hundred fires, its a very eerie feeling tonight and all the cattle seem on edge.


My neighbour has been busily putting in a further 5 or more dams on his property in today’s extraordinary heat, and they have lived here since 1849, it just goes to show that the earth truly is warming, I’ve heard so many people say lately oh it was this hot when we were growing up, I don’t think so, and today has proven that.


My heart goes out to all the wild life, the plants and trees, and to all the volunteer fire fighters, how amazing are those people, whilst everyone is whinging how hot it is, imaging how bloody hot they are fighting fires, and its been unrelenting for them.

Please forgive the blurry photo’s the wind was so strong it was simply impossible to get a hand held shot that was sharp.

Stay safe tonight my dear friends xXx