Many of us have a real love for trees, and this last week I was reading an article that changed my mind about this association with trees, a concept I’ve never thought of before, so I wish to share with you all, as it was as clear as the nose on my face.
There is a certain feeling of familiarity and reverence for trees, and is it any wonder as we humans descended from the apes we came from the trees originally. The trees were our home, they protected us and gave us refuge, they were our mother, our families lived in them, and they gave us our food, shelter and protection.

It’s not surprising is it? That a part of us has a connection the ancestor’s spirits through all trees, maybe you have already thought of this, I hadn’t and wished to share it, as it’s made my connection to this earth even deeper this week.

This tree just looks like our ancient home doesn’t it?


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