An Old Craft, A “Familiar” Craft

“Traditional Witchcraft is about consciously accessing hidden realities, and doing so to a very intense and extreme degree. It is about accessing extra-sensory reality, or the Underworld itself, looking into the hidden regions of the Weird, all without losing consciousness of what you are doing and experiencing, and “returning” to this seemingly ordinary world with the extraordinary powers you encountered on that “other side” still being carried within you.

One of those extraordinary powers will become your “familiar” power or spirit- a helper, an ally, who will be bonded to you by reciprocal oath and pact and service. He or she may come because one of the ancient spirits that men called “Gods” sends him to you, or it may come on its own, seemingly. Mysterious benefactors in the Unseen may come and grant you a familiar; one can never tell. You may have to find one through great struggle; there is no single formula, though there are some traditional formulas for those who are canny enough.”

~~ Robin Artisson


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