When we can truly expand your circle of compassion to include all living things, we will lead others to also find peace; this is how we improve life on earth. What will you extend your compassion to enfold this day, week, month, year?

~~~ Astarte Earthwise


This beautiful bunny rabbit was my pet for 10 years, his name was Bahloo which is the Wiradjuri name for the Moon. His colouring remined me of the moon, and he had the sweetest nature, as many could vouch for.



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One response to “Compassion”

  1. Laura Avatar

    Ah Bahloo… How lucky I am to have had the pleasure of meeting such a sweet boy. We met many years ago, but I still remember you. I now own 2 bunnies of my own. Rabbits are truly beautiful creatures when given the opportunity to show their true colours. They make such wonderful companions. Very misunderstood animals indeed. Bunnies are a blessing. Shine on little one. Much love xx


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