Wisdom & Witches

A ‘driving thirst for knowledge’ is the forerunner of wisdom. Knowledge is a state that all organic life possesses, wisdom is the reward of the spirit, gained in the search of true knowledge. Truth is variable – what is true now will not be true tomorrow, since the temporal truths are dependent upon ethics and social mores – therefore wisdom is possibly eternal truth, untouched by man’s condition. So we come to the heart of the People, a belief that is based upon eternity, and not upon social needs or pressures – the ‘witch’ belief then is concerned with wisdom, our true name, our true name then is the Wise People and wisdom is our aim.

Some groups seek fulfilment in mystic experience – this is correct if one does not forget the duty of ‘involvement’ – the prime duty of the Wise. It is not enough to see the Lady, it is better to serve Her and Her will by being involved in humanity and the process of Fate (the single name of all the gods is ‘Fate’). In fate, and in overcoming Fate, is the true Graal, for from this inspiration comes, and death is defeated. There is no fate so terrible that it cannot be overcome – whether by literal victory gained by action and in time, or the deeper victory of spirit in the lonely battle of self. Fate is the trial, the Castle Perilous in which we all meet to win or die. Therefore the People are concerned with Fate – for humanity is greater than the Gods, although not as great as the Goddess. When man triumphs, fate stops and the Gods are defeated – so you can understand the meaning of magic now. Magic and religion are aids to overcome Fate, and Fate is a cradle that rocks the infant spirit.

Now you know what witches are.

~~ Excerpt from the Cochrane Letters to Joe Wilson







One response to “Wisdom & Witches”

  1. Billy Avatar

    I was reading your statement on witches. Out of curiosity, how did you come to accept this thought as truth, since, as you say, “truth changes”?


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