Packing Morning Moments

Gumboots skidding on the ice coated grass as I traverse the paddocks, two loaves of wholemeal bread, in my hands as I head for the maternity ward where the Cows are moving slowly but enthusiastically as they swagger up the hill towards me. They will be birthing as the days unfold this month, we have lost one already the first born, didn’t make it. They eat the bread greedily as I hang over the gate to feed them, all these salivating mouths and large wet noses pushing forward to get the next slice. As the sun pushes up from the horizon more ice forms on the ground, as I head for home the frost glistens in the sun like sparkling crystals, jewels dazzling all around me, the morning light delights me as I breathe deeply the coldness into my lungs, I am gathering my strength as each day passes, time to start packing, and I will pack these beautiful morning moments with me, into the precious memories I take with me from this beautiful farm by the river.

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