Hekate’s Day and Rebuilding


Today as the calendar folds back I am reminded that today is 2 years and 10 months since my Dad left his cancer riddled body behind and soared high on Hekate’s day. Today I picked him some sweetly smelling native daphne, and took it to my new outdoor ancestor altar, along with a dear Bovine friends leg bone, I asked him for a sign, as I often do, and his brother Valentino arrived in the form of a crow, and announced the arrival of Dad in the form of an Eagle. Every time I stand in my working space and ask for him, an Eagle never fails to fly on over me. These moments and connection let me know I am on the right path. My heart aches for when we will be reunited, in another life time maybe, but today I remember you with joy and tears dear Dad, the Father of my heart. I also honour and remember my dearest Gillian who also left this Earth on this Hekate’s day. 1 year and 11 months ago, you walk with me often dear one.


It feels good to be rebuilding sacred space here again, after the storms that took so much. The land and I are developing our relationship slowly, the spirits are much more happy than when I first arrived, and now after a year the offerings are being accepted at the foot of what I call the guardian tree. I found a new tree yesterday that also requires some gifts and will be doing that too. When we are still and we wait, She talks to us, she helps us and guides us.


My binding to this land here is very gently taking place, like the outer planets above us, these things take years to move, and I have the patience required. There is nothing here romantic or glamourous, its seeing and responding to what is seen and unseen, respecting , nurturing and caring, that is what is required. Developing perceptions and understandings and doing the work of those before me. Ahhh and it feels good!


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