The greatest prison you can live in, is the one in your head, leave behind your bitterness, move on from the past, when people’s actions trigger those painful memories, when you feel abandoned and alone, when you have been shut out yet again, and you feel the hurt returning, this is your chance to make a move towards your  freedom.

Don’t step back into your pain, you are so much better than that, for in this very moment you are fully alive, you are powerful, all you need do is live in the now, that is enough. Be thankful that the past has brought you to this present, where you are learning to use all your energy and your deep wild spirit to live fully.

For freedom is never free, it needs your support to keep it fluid.

The more support you give yourself when you are triggered, the freer you will be.

Empowered woman, empowered sister, empowered me!


~ © Astarté Earthwise March 2018