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You felt abandoned the moment you were separated from the Creator, the Source, Light Energy, your form of God or Goddess. The moment you were born, this wound was open, the pain began of your abandonment, despite what you have experienced and lived through.

Your task on Earth is to heal this original wound, by returning to that “Energy” that released you… Find your way home, Your heart knows the way ❤

Hecate’s womb awaits all

With love to all the abused ones, for we are kith….

We have to walk back into the darkness of the pain and the hurt child,

hold them,

love them,

take all year if you have to,












till the tears stop,

and then we truly emerge.

Your roots are your family, they will always be a part of you, your foundation, your DNA, your heritage .

When a branch falls from a tree, it is still of that tree.

Dig deep my friend, savour the void.

Inhale the smell of the rich rotting earth, feel it, for you are kin.

Bones, feathers, claws, shed skin and fur

Uncloak, unwind, leave unwanted shapes behind.

Surrender here at the Goddesses feet, embrace her soothing balm.

For we are all but one

Kneel at Her altar

Her dagger of ritual power

Midwife’s your potency

Your umbilical cord of

rebirth and renewal

Plant your new seeds in the light of her torches

Deep love, gratitude, forgiveness, the key

Mother Night

Set me Free

© Astarté Earthwise – August 2020

Image titled ‘Individuation’ copyright of Rosaleen Norton



The greatest prison you can live in, is the one in your head, leave behind your bitterness, move on from the past, when people’s actions trigger those painful memories, when you feel abandoned and alone, when you have been shut out yet again, and you feel the hurt returning, this is your chance to make a move towards your  freedom.

Don’t step back into your pain, you are so much better than that, for in this very moment you are fully alive, you are powerful, all you need do is live in the now, that is enough. Be thankful that the past has brought you to this present, where you are learning to use all your energy and your deep wild spirit to live fully.

For freedom is never free, it needs your support to keep it fluid.

The more support you give yourself when you are triggered, the freer you will be.

Empowered woman, empowered sister, empowered me!


~ © Astarté Earthwise March 2018

An Apple for my Teacher


Covered in the thorns of disease of your own mind, even when the richest of rose petals where placed at your feet, their perfume wrapped its luxury around your heart. You felt my love, my truth, my beauty, you held my grace, whilst you fashioned for me a crown of thorns, and hung it over my already bleeding heart.

I bought droplets of honey to soothe your soul, fruits of friendship, and was stung by a thousand bees.

I planted seeds of devotion in the garden of your heart; your thoughts grew the weeds that you choke on today.

I built you a strong shelter from your own misery and wound of betrayal, and as powerful as a tornado your will to deceive me, swept through spinning out of nothingness and scattering me like dust.

I tasted your bitterness, whilst you stood on your moth eaten mantel of stars.

You are in deep waters now of life’s blazing fire, I no longer will fan your flames; listening to the sound of the waves inside you.

Put your thoughts to sleep, they are your delusion born of your shadows; remember your darkness is your candle.

Try untying your own knots of wrath, before executing others with your slanderous noose.

The drama you run from is in the threads of your own skirt, it runs with you as the threads of the tapestry you weave.

Hem up the lies; silence the jealousies, stitch in the compassion that you now trip over.

Step upward, all powerful, knowing that what hurts you indeed blesses you.

Service untainted with power over another, is the truth to Her mysteries.

Walking in wisdom cannot be taught, you will know truth through the eye of your heart.


© Astarté Earthwise