International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! 
I am a Wild-woman
I am a Wise-woman
I am a Cunning-Woman
Sending much love, respect and sisterhood to all the women on the planet today, Happy International Women’s Day!…celebrate being a woman today and may your day be both blessed and amazing!
“A woman who has uncovered her wild nature will make waves wherever she goes. This woman may still live what looks like a regular life, but don’t be fooled. The women who have answered the Call to the Mystery do not live within anyone’s rules or projected ideas of how the feminine should be.
These women have given up needing to be ‘nice’. They have given up saying Yes to each and every demand made upon them. They have walked away from the prison of living to please others.
A woman who has reclaimed the Wild inside her will begin to emit a unique scent from her body. It is the ancient energy of the Mystic, the Keeper of Secrets, the Seer, the Healer, and the Wise Woman. Pay attention, for there are women like this all over the world, quietly humming and pulsing with the interior throb of sacred feminine power and passion.
Wild Women walk along the street in the same way as everyone else. They have jobs, children, partners, houses. They do ‘normal’ things like shopping, cooking, cleaning. From the outside, they may appear like every other woman on the planet. But, don’t be fooled.
These women listen to Spirit. This means that they honour their needs for solitude, restoration and attending to the sacred life force inside of them. They make time to regularly break free from the imposed conditions placed upon females in this culture. They have the Goddess living within their bodies, and they respond to the impulses She gives.
These women place a high priority upon creativity and free expression of their natural gifts. They bring sacred rituals and rites into their daily lives. They meditate, pray and ask for Spirit to align them with their truth. They take the time to honour the ever-changing cycles and tides of their bodies and emotions. They realise that no-one else is ever going to give them permission to take time out and create spaces to heal, grow and blossom. They realised long ago that they must give that permission to themselves.
A Wild Woman may sometimes appear ordinary, perhaps from a distance. But as soon as you get near to the aura of her, you will feel something different. You may feel instantly drawn, attracted, pulled or magnetised to her. You may want to be near her, to have her look at you with those extraordinary eyes, to have her touch you with her earthy hands. You want to be seen by her, because she is vibrating with the freedom of having walked Home to the Goddess. You know, without knowing why, or how, that she can give you the truths about yourself that you have been looking for all your life.
If you follow your desire to be close to the woman who has run free, you had better know a few things about what will happen next.
You, and your life, will change through knowing her.
You will not be able to hide or run from your Shadow Self.
You will have every single point of avoidance, denial, self-limitation and self-sabotage pressed until you take action to heal.
You will be forced to love yourself harder and more ferociously than ever before.
You will have to start listening to what your dreams are, and be honest with yourself about why you are not following them.
You will no longer be able to pretend that settling for the safe, mediocre and average is enough.
You will be taken up to, through and way past any and all of your limits.
Once you have allowed yourself to fall into her heart as a friend or a lover, you will never be able to go back to ‘normal’.
In sexual relationships, she will never fake an orgasm to please you.
In sexual relationships, you will experience the kind of desire and arousal that goes beyond the physical. You will be taken on a journey of self-discovery, self-awakening and inner transformation through intimate exchanges. You need to be ready for this.
She will always speak, see and feel the Truth about you, or any situation.
You will feel both wildly excited and outrageously terrified when you get close to her.
You can never control, tame, abuse or violate her body, heart or spirit. If you attempt to do this, you will experience the karmic thunder of the sacred feminine lineage rattling through your bones.
If you ever see her teeth bared, wolf-like, and she is looking at you –
If you want your life to remain the same, and you have been touched by the spirit of a Wide-Awake Woman –
If you can’t handle passionate growth, being naked with your Soul, infinite joy and wholeness, raw love, tender promises of tantric ecstasy, feeling the eternal orgasm of Life run through you when you’re near her –
If the thought of sacred adventures, wild rides into spiritual forests, being immersed within deep oceans of feelings, flying through constellations of sensual stars, or dancing through spirals of cosmic light and shade only makes you exhausted and wanting to sit down in front of the TV and put on your slippers….
You might be better off with a regular woman as a friend or lover. It’s certainly easier at times. She doesn’t reflect the truth back to you quite as often (or ever). She lets you get away with your old, habitual, negative and self-limiting patterns. She allows you to carry on hiding your inner power from the world, safe and secure, cosy and comfortable. She colludes in your continual denial of your own spiritual potential. She advocates closure, restriction, shutting off from your feelings. She puts up with your addictions. She is as comfortable as you are with pretending that everything is okay; that you’re not really dying inside, imploding…scared half to death that you’ll leave this planet having never unfurled those aching, angel wings. Having never released that sweet, soul-soaring, sacred music of You to the skies.
Wild-Women – Mystic-Women – these are the Women who have Run With the Wolves and are not afraid to walk through the city with a twig and a scent of fire-smoke in their hair and a slash of red on their lips. Women who let their Shakti sexuality pour and emote through their hips in full, devotional awareness….women who love men, love women, love the Earth and love themselves…women who continually look fear in the eye and carry on plunging into the inner Well of their interior lives…women who have the psyche of the feminine warrior because they have earned it, lived it, given birth to it. Women who carry on giving to, loving, nurturing, creating for, and holding the Earth as it spins…
….these are the women that endure, persist, and are carrying the universal energies into the advancing Age of Light. These are the women who are most feared, because they carry the most power to change everything.
These are the women you will fall the most deeply, most arrestingly, most ragingly in love with – because they will ignite and carry the torch of your sacred heart within their own, forever. And they will love you with a flaming, healing and gentle Light that you thought could only exist amongst angels, in the holy and distant reaches of Heaven.”
~ Unknown
And then think about the women in Syria, in Afghanistan, in Iran, in Africa, in places on this globe where they are not free to just be, today we are blessed and can make a conscious effort to assist women, who are abused, raped and treated in ways that is beyond our understanding today. May this day make us aware of the so much more we as women can be doing to educate and protect our sisters in all regions of this planet. So mote it Be!






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