Foreign Object

A glistening tear rolls right on down.

Her saturn returned aged and faded face.

Here we go once again, the sense of fear clenches,

Second time around again for her gentle aching heart.

Observantly she looks on down at her aging feet,

Dangling there in space not touching the ground.

Abandoned, suspended, like a small childs they swing,

Back and forth in animation from the emergency room bed.

Where she sits alone hesitant in nothing but her hospital gown,

Once again she faces those so familiar fears.

Spinster spinning, calling on the ancestors,

As fate would have it I need your assistance yet again.

You makers of the miracles in my life,

Help guide the right ones in to me today.

Step in please and guide their hands,

Remove this article that so offends.

My dignity shattered, like a glass on cement,

I’m not feeding this harmful need anymore.

The team arrives, more staff than what is necessary,

Laughing, watching, as I become their a freak show.

The doctor injects me with a hit of anaesthetic,

My body releases its tension, yet my mind is alert.

Medicine has come so far, I thank the Gods for this relief,

Whilst my body shuts off its nerve endings to the brain.

Floating and soaring high whilst they dig in deep,

Wish I could be somewhere else, but I have to witness my fate.

Yes we embarrassingly found you, you bugger, now throw it in the bin,

The doctor smiles, the team all clap, I bury my face deeper into the pillow.

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