True Communication

My heart is simply bursting with delight and joy….at 60 I have finally found someone I can truly communicate with, be fully vulnerable with, and they “get” me!

I’m a very “what’s the problem, so we can fix it” type person

All those endless years and heartache over the silent treatment I’ve received….it’s now dead

I’ve grown up and learnt how to really communicate….wow!

Funny thing is I’ve always believed I was a good communicator…..truth was…..I wasn’t really truthful, because I never felt safe….

What a beautiful space, when two vulnerable souls, turn up and tune in….aware and awake.

I thank you with all my being for listening to understand me…..and not just listening to reply….

It simply leads to being held, respected, cared for….this is…..the road travelled to love…..seeing the divine in each other, honouring that, being gentle with each other, yet speaking your truth…living in the now and exploring the world together.

I am removing… by one…. all the barriers I have built up……against love….may the flow…take me through the oceans of possibilities…into the essence of you….then us…hand in hand……heart to heart

Thank you for you

Thank you….Thank you….Thank you ❤





3 responses to “True Communication”

  1. Judy Watt Avatar
    Judy Watt

    Hi Astarte, I’m so pleased for you, wonder if you are twin flames, sounds like it. Wow!

    Love Judy 🔥🔥🙏💕🌹

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  2. Kathleen Mcdonald Avatar
    Kathleen Mcdonald

    I feel such immense joy as I read these words from you Astarte. With wisdom we are rewarded with gifts from Spirit that we understand are always the absolute truth.
    Many many Blessings wished for you my friend on your journey.


  3. Lynda Avatar

    Wow blessings to you so happy for you


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