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Autumn Tide 2018


As we stand at the entrance to the West gate, opposite the place of the rising sun that gave us light for the last 6 months we now turn to the deep waters of the changing time, our shedding complete, we stand bare, sunset, dusk, autumn, harvests end, as the darkness enfolds the sun grows old, our thoughts turn towards the coming winter.

Let’s measure what we have achieved and start plans for what will ensue, let’s sort, sift and store our fruits and seeds, and prepare our tools for our journey to the underworld, Her deepest mysteries.

We stand at this western water crossroad preparing ourselves emotionally for the passage within to the deepest self.

On Wednesday when the sun moves into the astrological sign of Aries here in Australia, we celebrate the moment of Equinox, of balance, light and dark, and of the turning of the wheel.

Time for  preparing for the doorway down, through the Mysteries once again, Mabon is approaching, I shall open myself to the seeing, this place of deep waters is for my healing. The land is slowing, rotting, swelling and falling.
Nature and my ancestors are imprinted in my bones, and water holds the memories that bring me back, year after year to revise this sacred life, to learn, to walk through new lessons, and to grow stronger through the deep harvest in Water.

As I grow older like the sacred land, I want to keep growing, learning and live a full, happy life, because I deserve it!

As I reach out more and participate in service with humanity, Hecate stands at the crossroads, smiling, and she shows me this is my personal key to harmony. The Wisdom of the Goddess shows me the importance of this service, and that my longed-for healing takes place with helping and assisting the living.

The divine Presence within me knows to become whole, I need to live fully, to take part, and become involved with others. Some days I can choose to do just a little at a time, until I feel I can do more.

As I mature so does my willingness to let more people in, to mentor from my truth, Her truth, this is a process that I will continue till I draw my last breath and journey west for the final time in this incarnation. Now as Autumn Equinox approaches, I know my journey continues again as we move to this place on the Compass, the place of deep reflection and scrying and deep memory; you too can take this opportunity for your own healing.

All of us have a deep, deep desire to belong, spiritually we are at our best when we participate with others, this is the time of year to consider cutting down the branches of isolation, and make the way for new growth toward a life of loving involvement. Remember this…Life is for living!





1 x White Sigil Powder Bottle with cork lid, made using a tradition recipe and is handmade by Astarté Earthwise

2 x  Hecate Charms tied with hemp

1 x Information Sheet with photo ideas

This Sigil powder glass bottle with cork is finished with the Symbols of Hecate and empowered for your magical use.

Used in ritual, as is, for making sigils, given as offerings, scattered for numerous reasons, used on the body, in charm bags/bottles, etc. Or added to water, fire for suffumigation, or used as incense, or added to incense…

The powder can be used for marking boundaries when laying the compass or casting the circle. It can be used to draw sigils on the ground when working outdoors. It is good for creating sigils when petitioning spirits, when collecting dirt from cemeteries or crossroads, it can be used to bless the home or ward it against negativity and also as a protection powder. 

Sigils drawn with powders are miniature maps of the cosmos and doorways to access specific points in the other realms.  Most of the designs involve the use of an intersection of some sorts to represent crossing between worlds via the axis mundi also known to many as the World Tree. The rest of the design can be elaborated upon and created in the moment to match the deity or spirit being called or the realm being accessed. The best places to draw outdoor sigils and leave offerings at them are crossroads (especially dirt ones), graveyards, the foot of trees, or around a staff or stang driven into the earth. If you wish to use a sigil to leave an offering of food or drink make sure to draw it somewhere with earth and not a paved street as you’ll need to dig a hole big enough to bury or pour your offering into.

30 grams

Height: 90 mm

Width: 50 mm

Depth: 50 mm

You are never alone



Behind the darkness there is always light,

Hold hope in your heart, and acknowledge.

Your faith will give you strength,

Your witch blood will bring courage.

You are not alone; you are loved by many,

Your ancestors are standing there on your shoulders.

Find the silence to hear them, love them,

Go within and engage with your Divine Presence.

Use your cunning ways, wisdom and gratitude,

Trust your healing, intuition and wildness.

To lead you on your crooked path,

And to help you develop a new sense of living.

© Astarté Earthwise March 2017



Every part of this Land is sacred to the people I hold close to my heart,

Every single gum leaf, coastal cliff, mountain valley, and desert,

Every vapour of eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree and fire.

Every taste of mountain devil and callistemon on my lips sweet desire.

Every single gum tree carries the memories of the ancestors of this land,

Every blood spill, every fear is what I now have on my hands.

For everyone,

Is one.

© Astarté Earthwise 2011




When you have within you a deep sense of staying in contact with the truth, you are courageous, committed to love and justice, and you take your deepest joy in serving others, you will be misunderstood.

Your intensity to love will not be digested easily by the mainstream.

When you know that every human being counts, that others should never feel a sense of helplessness, you fight to bring light to them, to make others not lose sight of the fact that everyone needs to be accounted for, you will make enemies.

Hold your courage, in the face of all who would try to oppress you, as your joy in serving others could never be taken away from you, shape your destiny, by asking yourself, what kind of human being you will be for your ancestors?

Deepest Autumn Blessings for the New Year


The afternoon shadows call to me, they stretch out across the lawn and the paddocks before me. I hear a frog behind me; the breeze is gently blowing from the south-east. Afternoons like this are precious to my soul. Peace and quiet and the sounds of Nature around me. Butcherbirds compete, flies buzz around me, one wispy cloud in the sky to the east, crickets chirp from the paddocks in the north. The fruit trees are losing their leaves; the grass is damp under foot, still holding the mornings dew at its roots. I close my eyes, I breathe in the air. Tomorrow is the New Year, and the celebration of the Deepest Autumn when the sun is at 15 degrees of Taurus the exact point between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice, Therefore the cross quarter day.


Since I’ve moved onto the land I have no need for fancy names to celebrate the place where Autumn and Winter meet and come together on the round between Water & Earth. Here I sit very aware of the mud beneath my feet, things slowing down, and the rotting starts as the veil thins and death is sent in a message on a walk and hour before I started writing. As I approached a couple of gum trees, a top notch pigeon fell out of the tree and to its death before me.  I reached down and picked up his limp body, he has a wound to his chest and blood coming from his right eye; I embrace his warm fragile body in my hands with compassion in my heart. The messenger bird arrived at my feet in a very violent, confronting way.


I let the shadows take my fears as they stretch out before me and dissipate as the sun’s strength diminishes and takes them away. I thank Nature for the ritual, and the blessings of this place. In a few days forward it will be a completed cycle of a year since I came onto this land. The teachings are subtle and the lessons cherished as each day brings such joy , living as my ancestors did on the land away from the chaos soothes the soul and gives so much more to cherish. Deepest Autumn Blessings and may Tomorrow be the beginning of a great new year for those that follow the Earthwise Path.

Wise & Blessed Be


Morning Mist & Mud


The shadows of the morning mist, beckon me outside. I leave my desk and follow the mornings call.

The softness of the rolling, falling mist meets my skin, refreshing, invigorating, I breathe it in deeply.

A magpies call, a crow’s cry, a calf bleating for its mother lost in the fog, wings of a kookaburra flapping near me.

Music to my morning ears.

Here I stand in the shadows of early morning, as the sacred round gently turns, heading to winter, moving away from the sun, a sense of peace journeys to my soul.


This time of year is so needed, the slowing down, the shadows that we explore, within and without.

A knowing, a deeper connection to those close in the shadows, that have gone beyond the veil, they draw closer as does Samhain.

We stand here on the wheel, the constellation of  Taurus above us, between water and earth in the mud that holds us, nurtures us and brings us forth from the shadows what is needed right now.

Prayer rides on my lips to those departed, those struggling in the shadows between the veils of this life and the next, the scent of Pluto’s Death is in the air.

The leaves and some thoughts turn, they fall, they decompose to give nourishment to the earth that sustains us.

I stop in this moment and give thanks, all is unfolding as it should, more light permeates my mind and the shadows around me.


The webs spun through the night leave their silken presence on my skin as I return through the orchard and head back to my desk for the day ahead.

May your Wednesday hold you in this moment, of being and breathing for as long as you need it.

Much joy from my heart to yours today, in the shadows, and the mud of the year.

Wise & Blessed Be xXx