I am Home!


Whist I was out weeding the rose garden yesterday, late in the day, after having had a day where the mercury made it over 44 degrees, I was enjoying the music, lights and the magic of the storms in the skies all around me. I looked to the Northern sky and saw an amazing rainbow with its feet planted firmly amongst the giant and ancient lilli pilli trees that line the river down the hill from me, on the property I live on. I stood up, as the colours stretched out across the sky above me and into the river behind me….talk about natural magic!


There I was standing right under a full spectacular rainbow…I felt so blessed to be a part of this gift of fire and water, that goes from the earth, through the air and repeats this cycle involving all the elements, and it moves my spirit, to a heightened awareness, and deepens my connection to the place I call home. Moments like these are where we can truly tap the bone, and connect with our ancestors, as it holds us in a place between the worlds.

I see this reflected before me as the sky to the North is a dark purplish deep grey before me, and behind me and to the left the South Western sky is bright blue with white clouds and sunshine! Here I stand between the worlds in the physical as well as the astral, two worlds, with an umbrella of radiant rainbow above me, reaching deeply back to earth, at each end, the river’s water embracing the colours as well as the mythical pots of gold.


Moments like this confirm for me my animistic path, and the connection becomes euphoric, heady and effervescent.

I lay in the paddock, surrounded by tall grass that has seen the extremes of 40 degrees 3 times in the last week; it’s cool yet crunchy in spots, my dog faithfully beside me, lies down with me. The cows surround us separated by the fences of worn grey timber and rusted barbed wire. Varied splashes of water fall on my skin, from the rain clouds above. The breeze gets stronger and is refreshing and stirs up the grass all around me. I too lay here seeking nourishment like the parched Earth; I accept each drop of water and each breath of air on the breeze into my being.


Here I lay in the embrace of the Mother, in a space between the waters of her luscious river curves, a pocket of earth, a century of acres of paradise, surrounded by her healing waters, that give all that dwell here much life.

I am blessed for these moments, for this place, and for the ancestors that guide me in my work. I am home!


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