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  • Embrace your wounds

  • Mugwort Herbal Tincture Now Ready!

    Mugwort Herbal Tincture Now Ready!

    These are the paddocks that surround my home, where we have gathered the wild Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) Herb. It grows down by the river and in some other spots as well, what an absolute find! Where you see the line of trees in the photo above, behind the cows is the river and it goes right around us in…

  • Magick in the Garden!

    Sometimes we miss some of the most magickal moments, when they are right there in front of us! Yesterday I was out taking some photos of the garden and I thought I’d take a shot of one of the Gerbera’s, and it wasn’t till I down loaded the photos that I noticed this little lady bug snuggling…