Mugwort Herbal Tincture Now Ready!


These are the paddocks that surround my home, where we have gathered the wild Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) Herb.

It grows down by the river and in some other spots as well, what an absolute find!

Where you see the line of trees in the photo above, behind the cows is the river and it goes right around us in a lush semi-circle, cutting us off from everyone and making this place isolated and rather pristine.

We drink the water and we also shower and wash in this water, and it tastes good too!


So the Mugwort above in the picture was gathered back in early September and has been brewing away very nicely in a home made brew off 100% alcohol, provided by one of the Paradise People that visit the farm.

I’ve been doing lot’s of research and it seems to be an amazing herb that does so very much.

I have a large plant here in the herb garden also as well as a beautiful variegated variety at the front of the house that I picked up a couple of years ago, it has transplanted very nicely and is doing much better here than in it’s old home.


I sell plenty of dried Mugwort in my store too, many people seem to enjoy it as a legal high, or for scrying and divination work.  Many customers buy the herb Damiana as well, both sell continually, here is a link to the current Mugwort supplies.

I have made up a beautiful oil a few months ago now to enhance astral work and dreaming.

It has been selling madly and has been shipped all over the world, the colour itself is so calming, its a stunning natural lushous green!


I am making an Flying Ointment very soon for dream work and astral travel in the next few days, hopefully!

But today I just wanted to let you know that the Tinctures are now ready!


It’s very rewarding and satisfying to be able to make these products I am so passionate about.

Presenting to you a natural organic wild-crafted product to aid you in your magickal work, and bending!

Wise & Blessed Be

Astarte xXx

As a tincture: 1-2 ml or 20-40 drops can be taken two times a day.

Stimulates the secretion of gastric juices to speed up digestion and relieve flatulence and bloating.

Many have reported that if this herbal remedy is used as a tea before bed, or even just sprinkled around your pillow, a person may have lucid dreams that night.

Specifically, mugwort tincture is used for anxiety, stress, insomnia, asthma, bacterial and fungal infections, diarrhoea, cramps, headache, irritability, restlessness, menopause symptoms, menstrual complaints, mild depression.

The tincture is also used in therapeutic ways to relieve aches and pains in muscles, joints, skin scratches, ulcers and tired swollen feet.

Analgesic: Tincture (1/2 to 1 tsp.) can be taken in warm water to ease minor pain and discomfort.

Cold remedy:  The tincture in warm water helps with the discomfort of colds and flu. Add 1 to 2 tsp. in hot tea or water.

Disinfectant: One tbsp. of the tincture can be added to 1 pint of warm water and used to cleanse wounds and infections.

 Gast-intestinal aid: Two tsp. in 1/2 cup of warm water can be taken for indigestion and to aid acid reflux.

Mugwort is known to be milder in action than most other species of Artemisia, and this means that it can be taken for improving appetite, digestive functions, and absorption of nutrients over long periods of time, in small dosages.

 The elimination of worms within the body is achieved, and whenever needed, it can be used to induce menstruation as well.

 In Europe, Mugwort is assumed to be a uterine stimulant, but this idea is in direct opposition to the Chinese concept of using mugwort to prevent miscarriage in a woman, and also to reduce and to stop excessive and heavy menstrual bleeding.

 The herb is also widely used as an antiseptic, and is known to provide relief in cases of malaria.


 Mugwort has very strong emmenagogic properties and can be used to help induce menses and can be combined with herbs such as cramp bark to ease menstrual cramps.

However this herbal oil should be avoided during pregnancy.


2 responses to “Mugwort Herbal Tincture Now Ready!”

  1. CFoley Avatar

    Do you advise against mugwort being taken regularly? I have heard it is damaging to the liver and nervosa system if taken regularly.

    Thank you for the wonderful post!


    1. aearthwise Avatar

      Greetings, for this kind of information you would need to consult a licensed herbalist, sorry I cannot advise you, as I don’t have the qualifications to do so:)

      Wise & Blessed Be


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