The Quickening

This is the time of the Quickening, things are changing, if you merge with the sacred landscape, you can feel it in your bones, and you can connect with the oneness. The lambs are being born in the fields, the cows are been weaned, the frosts have taken the life out of the winter top grass in the paddocks, it’s the dry time, the time between the South Earth of Yule and the East Air of Spring on the round , that we tread. As we move from the place of Earth, towards the place of Air, we stand in the middle, the place of the Quickening, where we stand with our ancestors, and we call to them. We look above us to see the constellation of the Lion, as the light of the Sun which rules over him returns. We look below us and we see the Earth is stirred by the Air to bring us dust, it’s time to plant the seeds, before the spring rains begin, and we call on you to walk with the ancestors one and all. And tomorrow we celebrate!







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