The Bare Bones of the Traditional Pagan Worldview

The “general” Traditional Pagan worldview is simple, indeed; it says, very basically, that:

-The Land under our feet and all around us is the presence of a most sacred, living reality;

-That we and all other forms of life, seen or unseen, are in a timeless and eternal web-work of sacred powers that all interact with one another and all depend on one another;

-That the Underworld- a timeless and mysterious “region” of spiritual powers, itself the constant source of life, mysterious experiences, and numinal forces, is “beneath” the land but also within all things, and that all beings who die arise later in the Underworld as spirits or strangely existing entities- though certainly not all of them become desirable, nice entities. These “hidden beings” or hidden folk go on interacting with us in many strange ways through the medium of the Land itself- for the Land is a gateway to the unseen;

-Lastly, “Traditional Pagans” will often feel connected to a place on the land through which they experience the sacred, become attached to that place and assume the roles of guardians of it. They try to stay warm and close to it. This is a common tendency, and an ancient one.

This last paragraph is my dream, and my future ahead.






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