Lesson One = Know Thyself


Keeping in mind the great and ancient wisdom of Socrates……”Know Thyself”

Here are some words I wrote to a student many years ago…..they remain relevant to all who seek…and to myself too, when I get lost, as we all do from time to time.


‘Here is some advice you can think about it or trash it; it’s entirely your choice:

I feel your restlessness, I would go back to lesson one, and I would re-do it, as I don’t really know if you really know what you want, part of the emptiness and the endless seeking is from not truly knowing, who you are and what you want. No amount of knowledge will give you the peace you seek. If I could with the deepest love in my heart I would grab you by both shoulders and say to you…your lesson is to learn how to love yourself, nurture yourself, know yourself, get intimate with self, centre self, be boss of self, all this other stuff is just the dramarama, and keeps you from your center. Stop being everything to everyone else and be there for yourself. How can you find your way on the path, if it is not illuminated by the light of true desire, if we don’t know the true desire, the light is weak, and we cannot see.

Please know I love you, and always want what is best for you.

 Serenity is a gift. It is available to all of us, when we are not focusing on controlling the world, we are trying to control our experience of serenity…back to the drawing board.

I believe that between here and Serenity are the words surrender to self.

Serenity = being with the oneness.

With very deep love,  and respect to you , lovely, may you find yourself


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